Thirty five

Well crap.

It's been 5 years since I wrote "Thirty". So now I have to come up with 35 things as I turned 35 yesterday. If anything from Thirty is grossly wrong or really interesting I'll update it at the same number eh?

Let's go...

  1. I still don't have it figured out, but this isn't such a shock anymore.
  2. Building a house is more scary.
  3. Minivans are awesome.
  4. Expecting a third kid is not nearly as scary as expecting the first.
  5. COVID sucked.
  6. Modern medicine is pretty cool actually.
  7. More stuff hurts, still just as healthy.
  8. Dishwashers aren't really as scary to repair as they seem (but that doesn't mean you won't lose your mind fixing one).
  9. The feeling you get as a parent when your kid gets hurt is impossible to describe.
  10. Being knocked out from a crazy car accident is also no fun.
  11. Carseats are magic.
  12. I've accepted that the music I liked in 2010 is going to be the music I'll like forever.
  13. Thanks to the internet there is an endless stream of new music that is at home with music from 2010 or even 2000 (Underoath just released a new album for crying out loud).
  14. Open source software is incredible.
  15. The thrill from in-progress software working for the first time will never get old for me.
  16. Feedback loops are important in every area of life not just software.
  17. The year of Linux on the desktop is a moving target.
  18. RSS will never die.
  19. Mechanical keyboards are a refreshing change and I'm not sure why.
  20. The Aeropress is still incredible.
  21. Computers were a mistake.
  22. Computers are a miracle.
  23. The Three-Body Problem trilogy continues to knock around in my brain months after finishing it.
  24. Watching your child accomplish something for the first time that they've been working on is a feeling unlike any other.
  25. I've realized I learn best by doing, I need to get better at accounting for the bumps along the way.
  26. I write things down to remember them later not to look them up later which means most note systems are not worth the trouble for me.
  27. Life will be shallow if you only hang out with people like you.
  28. Anything is possible on an infinite timescale the trick is figuring out what do with finite time.
  29. RIP Rdio.
  30. Never pass on an opportunity to twirl your kids around when they're small. They get big fast.
  31. Hanlon's razor explains most of social media.
  32. If you work at a desk all day you owe it to yourself to remove as much Bluetooth from that setup as possible.
  33. None of your peers has it all figured out. Ask them "dumb" questions.
  34. Properly evaluating risks when your kids are involved is hard.
  35. Keep a sweatshirt handy by your bed when your kids are young, getting up at 2am in the winter is cold.

❤️ you Christi

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