Author's note: I 100% stole this format from the incredible usesthis site. Check it out.

What hardware do you use?

At work I use a Thinkpad t480s running Pop_OS. I'm still an Apple guy at heart but the disaster that was the butterfly keyboard forced me to look elsewhere. The t480s has 24GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD for the main boot drive, and a 128GB SSD as a secondary Windows install. I'd consider heading back to an Apple laptop now that the butterfly keyboard is gone but I'm very comfortable using this Thinkpad for work.

At home I use a desktop PC I built for gaming as my primary desktop thanks to WSL. I love typing on my Anne Pro mechanical keyboard.

My phone is an iPhone 11 it's fantastic.

And what software?

I'm a big user of Emacs. I use mu4e for email, org-mode for tasks and notes, Ivy for auto-complete, magit for git, ivy-feedwrangler for RSS, and erc (with znc) for IRC.

Linux apps I use on my work laptop are: Signal, CopyQ, Window Corner Preview, AutoKey, system-monitor, Tilix or Alacritty for terminals.

Mac specific apps I use: Alfred, MenuMeters, 1Password, Moom, Turbo Boost Switcher Pro, and Hammerspoon.

My browser of choice is Firefox.

I enjoy writing code in Javascript/Node, Ruby, Common Lisp, and recently Rust.

Any online services?

As far as online services go I use Netlify (at the moment) to host this site, Hover for domains, Fastmail for email, Feedwrangler manages my RSS feeds, Pinboard is my online trapper keeper, and I use Backblaze and for online backup,

Built with ♻ Cycle, Tachyons, and Emacs in the Midwest.

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