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I'm Adam Simpson and I work on the interwebs at Grafana and live life with my wonderful wife Christi and our daughters Ellie, Ainsley, and Margot.

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PINE64 has let its community down via Drew DeVault's blog

Context for this post: Pine64 should re-evaluate their community priorities The Pine Formula Why I left PINE64 A response to Martijn’s blog I know that apologising and taking responsibility for your mistakes is difficult. It seems especially difficult for comme…

Lunch Lessons via Bryan Braun - Frontend Developer

Several years ago, my wife and I set up a whiteboard in the kitchen and began using it to teach various topics to the kids during mealtimes.

Recently via macwright.com

July felt like several months in the space of one. It was a busy work month on Placemark, busy warm weekends in Brooklyn, then a lovely trip to Konstanz, Paris, and Switzerland. Reading I finally got my momentum back with reading, thanks in part to those trans…

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