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I'm Adam Simpson and I work on the interwebs at Grafana and live life with my wonderful wife Christi and our daughters Ellie and Ainsley.

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I won free load testing via fasterthanli.me

Long story short: a couple of my articles got really popular on a bunch of sites, and someone, somewhere, went "well, let's see how much traffic that smart-ass can handle", and suddenly I was on the receiving end of a couple DDoS attack…

Recently via macwright.com

The last thirteen days, after I opened the doors and let Placemark into the world, have been a blur. Mostly the good kind! It came down to a question of whether the things I thought should be priorities were actually the priorities. I had a backlog that co…

Links #5 via Bryan Braun - Frontend Developer

The Curse of Xanadu - The bizarre story of the internet that never was. The article gripped me and I just couldn’t stop reading. “Is this a true story?” “How have I never heard of this before?” This feels like one of those situations where the world could…

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