• We all need a team

    We all need a team. On the right team we can go higher and be better than we ever thought we could.

  • Web scraper cookbook

    I’ve been on a web scraping tear lately. So, I thought I’d compile what I’ve learned and put together a repo as a howto/cookbook/guide thing.

  • How do we make the Web better

    My post for the Shift for January. I tackle the question within the question: how do we (internet workers) have more meaningful conversations in order to make the web better?

  • Command line notification

    This week I wrote a bash function that curls the SendGrid API and sends a Boxcar notification.

  • Verse Recall

    Whew, time to share something with the world I haven’t really talked about online at all, my first and only (so far) iOS app.

  • SQLite Tips

    I’ve been playing around with SQLite recently and I’ve stumbled across a few things I want to remember, so I’m putting them here.

  • On Webpack

    I wrote a love letter to Webpack over on the Foundry.

  • Migrate an existing build process to npm scripts

    Not all projects need Grunt or Gulp, npm is a great build tool by itself. I recently replaced a Grunt task (with multiple plugins) with a npm script task.

  • CasperJs, Node, and the Raspberry Pi

    I’ve been working on getting my Raspberry Pi to be a dedicated screen-scraping machine with CasperJS and Node.

    This post is intended to be a log for myself and hopefully a helpful resource for others.

  • AMP HTML, Terrible HTML

    Is the answer developing a subset of HTML/JS/CSS?