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I'm Adam Simpson and I work on open source at Grafana and live life with my wonderful wife Christi and our daughters Ellie, Ainsley, and Margot.

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Datasette Cloud and the Datasette 1.0 alphas via Simon Willison's Weblog

Datasette Cloud and the Datasette 1.0 alphas I sent out the Datasette Newsletter for the first time in quite a while, with updates on Datasette Cloud, the Datasette 1.0 alphas, a note about the security vulnerability in those alphas and a summary of so…

Good eating habits via Bryan Braun - Frontend Developer

Have vegetables in every meal (or fresh fruit, if it’s breakfast). Postpone eating until I’m hungry (when possible). Drink a full 12 ounces of water before eating every meal. Plate up my food a little at a time (prevents me from eating past fullness, just…

Hello from Ares! via Drew DeVault's blog

I am pleased to be writing today’s blog post from a laptop running Ares OS. I am writing into an ed(1) session, on a file on an ext4 filesystem on its hard drive. That’s pretty cool! It seems that a lot of interesting stuff has happened since I gave that tal…

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