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I'm Adam Simpson and I work on the interwebs at Sparkbox and live life with my wonderful wife Christi and our daughters Ellie and Ainsley.

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Status update, July 2021 via Drew DeVault's blog

Hallo uit Nederland! I’m writing to you from a temporary workstation in Amsterdam, pending the installation of a better one that I’ll put together after I visit a furniture store today. I’ve had to slow a few things down somewhat while I prepare for this mov…

Two Wishes for Dev Tooling via macwright.com

A few days ago, Simon Willison wrote a great post about PAGNIs, inspired by another post about YAGNI exceptions. I thought both were great, especially the bits about developer tooling. I’ve set up certain parts of tooling for teams multiple times - contin…

NetNewsWire 6 for iOS Waiting for Review via inessential.com

NetNewsWire 6 for iOS — which includes new features iCloud syncing, home screen widgets, and a bunch more — was submitted to App Store review today. The team is super-psyched to get this release shipping!

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