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I'm Adam Simpson and I work on the interwebs at Sparkbox and live life with my wonderful wife Christi and our daughters Ellie and Ainsley.

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I spent some time doing positive nostalgia. I listened to Marc Maron interviewing Obama in 2015 and, damn it, I’m not cooler than that. I can say snarky things about drone strikes, but I am no Obama, you aren’t either, and we probably won’t ever be Obama. …

So you want to live-reload Rust via fasterthanli.me

Good morning! It is still 2020, and the world is literally on fire, so I guess we could all use a distraction. This article continues the tradition of me getting shamelessly nerd-sniped - once by Pascal about small strings, then again by a twitch v…

A tale of two libcs via Blogs on Drew DeVault's blog

I received a bug report from Debian today, who had fed some garbage into scdoc, and it gave them a SIGSEGV back. Diving into this problem gave me a good opportunity to draw a comparison between musl libc and glibc. Let’s start with the stack trace: ==26267==E…

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