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I'm Adam Simpson and I work on open source at Grafana and live life with my wonderful wife Christi and our daughters Ellie, Ainsley, and Margot.

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zerocal - A Serverless Calendar App in Rust Running on shuttle.rs via Matthias Endler

Every once in a while my buddies and I meet for dinner. I value these evenings, but the worst part is scheduling these events! We send out a message to the group. We wait for a response. We decide on a date. Someone sends ou…

Does Rust belong in the Linux kernel? via Drew DeVault's blog

I am known to be a bit of a polemic when it comes to Rust. I will be forthright with the fact that I don’t particularly care for Rust, and that my public criticisms of it might set up many readers with a reluctance to endure yet another Rust Hot Take from my…

Recently via macwright.com

Summer screeched to a halt a few days ago and I’m still reeling from it. The dehumidifiers turned off, the humidifiers on. The A/C off, the heat on. I’m still, more than a year after leaving the west coast, grateful for the presence of seasons to keep me awa…

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