Today I turn 30. For the last couple birthdays I've wanted to do a "X things I've learned" post like the incomparable Mr. Noah Stokes but I kept forgetting. Not this year! This past year has been exceptionally full. In my mind, turning 30 has always been a milestone. Turns out (spoilers!) the day is just a that, a marker; all the exciting stuff is ahead and behind. I'm so thankful I get to navigate it all with a great partner in crime/life/adventure, my wife Christi 😍.

Without further ado, I present to you my list of 30 things I've learned in the past year (or so).

  1. You won't have it figured out by the time you turn 30.
  2. Buying a house is scary.
  3. Buying a house is amazing.
  4. Expecting a kid is scary.
  5. Expecting a kid is amazing.
  6. Problems in software are usually never software problems.
  7. When something hurts sometimes your not dying, it just hurts.
  8. You can take your dryer apart and put it back together and it will be ok.
  9. Vim is better inside emacs.
  10. Passing out is no fun.
  11. JavaScript is everywhere, get used to it.
  12. We all need a team
  13. The command line will never die.
  14. Drywall molleys are amazing.
  15. You can't keep water out, you can only redirect it.
  16. Remembering what is Real™ is vital.
  17. Relationships are a #1 priority. I forget this too often.
  18. Nothing beats pen and paper.
  19. Physical fitness involves way more sleeping and eating well than pumping iron.
  20. There is no better coffee maker than the Aeropress.
  21. Setting aside time for reading and writing is difficult.
  22. I need to spend more time reading and writing.
  23. Two opposing things can both be True at the same time. Dealing with that is adulthood.
  24. I will always enjoy the Fast and the Furious franchise.
  25. LeBron is under-rated.
  26. Never give up, even when your down 3-1.
  27. No one makes it on their own.
  28. I need to read more novels.
  29. I still miss Rdio.
  30. Read a little C.S. Lewis every morning (start here). It's good for you.
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