Vim Ramblings

So, in the past 6 months I've switched from Sublime Text to Vim.

And just like that I've fulfilled Harry Robert's tweet:

Whelp. Anyway, onwards and upwards I guess.

Speaking of Harry, if your looking to get started with Vim, checkout his awesome guide that he wrote to save me the trouble of writing one myself!

Earlier tonight I was perusing the interwebs (shocker right?) and wound up on Wynn Netherland's archives, because he's an awesome dude and wicked smart. I came across a few really good Vim posts that I thought I'd highlight here:

I totally agree with the anti-patterns and vimrc posts. I also need to try the relative numbers approach.

To finish up this hode-podge of links and rambling, my buddy @seanwashington recently pointed me to vimawesome, and holy crap it's awesome, I highly recommend checking out the awesome plugins on that site.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled internets.

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