Using the Kindle to harness the Web

Currently, I have the cheapest Kindle you can buy and I love it. I love it for reasons entirely different from my iPad. I love this Kindle cause it's super cheap and durable, and I never worry about its battery life or wether it's getting smashed in a bag when I travel.

I also love this Kindle for reading. I set up my Instapaper account to send me a digest of my Unread list every weekend, perfect for traveling, the pool, or even the beach – you know, places the iPad shouldn't and can't go. The Kindle feature in Instapaper got me excited about other possibilities for reading web stuffs on my Kindle.

The first thing I stumbled upon shortly after setting up my Instapaper to Kindle connection was Readlists. Readlists are brought to you by the same folks behind Readability. Readlists allows you to cobble together a list of articles from all over the web that they then compile into a Kindle digest. Rad!

After I discovered Readlists, I started finding several fantastic guides or books on JavaScript and Javascript best practices. Prominent members of the developer community are releasing these materials for free via Github or personal sites. I wanted to convert these excellent resources into documents on my Kindle. It was then that I discovered another fantastic resource from the Readability folks.

Readability released a simple bookmarklet that takes whatever page you're viewing in your browser and sends it to your Kindle. Problem solved! I now have a couple Kindle "books" that are sourced from the web, how awesome is that? Try it out for yourself and start utilizing the incredible resources out there.

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