Theme the Chrome Dev Tools

Let me start by explaining that the Chrome Developer Tools are incredible, and that I consider them essential to doing my job. What I did not know about these awesome tools is that they are essentially a web app; an app that I can tweak, change, and even inspect with itself.

Last week, I stumbled across this post by Mr. Clarke where he explains how to theme the Dev Tools using a single CSS file. This blew my mind and led to a fury of Googling for different themes. I eventually found the exact same theme I use in Sublime, only for the Dev Tools. The Tomorrow Theme for Chrome by Ben Truyman was almost perfect, I made a few slight modifications to it and posted my own gist here.

Some of you may be wondering, "Wait, how did you make modifications? Guesswork?". Nope. Paul Irish explains in this thread how to inspect the Dev Tools…using the Dev Tools! With this little hint, you can easily tweak or completely theme the Chrome Dev Tools.

I hope this post was helpful to someone who was unaware of all this functionality a mere stylesheet away.

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