SQLite Tips

I've been playing around with SQLite recently and I've stumbled across a few things I want to remember, so I'm putting them here.

  1. The SQLite CLI is pretty darn good. Just remember to read in the SQLite DB file first, e.g. .open /path/to/file. After that, any SQLite command is valid. Specific CLI commands are prefixed with a period.

  2. Set the the .mode to line to visually grep the results.

  3. To see the rowid include it specifically in SELECT statements on the CLI, e.g. SELECT rowid,* from table.

  4. Delete an entry by rowid like this, DELETE FROM table WHERE rowid=7;

  5. When structuring a database, create a unique ID for each row like so: create table foo (id INTEGER AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY UNIQUE NOT NULL, other_column TEXT).

That's all I got for now. I'll drop more tips in this post as I come across them.

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