I'm stealing the title format of this post from Tom MacWright's Recently posts.

Here's a random assortment of links and miscellaneous updates on things.


autofs is a cool utility that watches a specific directory path and when a program tries to read or write to that path it mounts a filesystem at that location. I'm using this to auto mount my NAS via SMB for mpd. With autofs in place I can run mpd locally (in a "satellite setup") and have its music_directory point to a path managed by autofs.

One thing that was helpful getting the configuration right was testing autofs by running automount -f -v directly which puts it in the foreground and gives verbose output.

The two files I configured were auto.master.d/foo.autofs and

  • foo.autofs contains one line: /- /etc/
  • contains one line as well: /foo -fstype=cifs,rw,credentials=/home/me/.foo-creds ://NAS.IP/foo

mailpreview updates

mailpreview-cli is a little program I use multiple times a day to quickly see my unread email without moving from what I'm currently working on and without touching my mouse. I recently noticed it wasn't grabbing the body of a specific type of email. In the process of fixing that I also added proper unit tests for every format I currently parse through. Yay faster feedback loops!


I've been a fan of OBS for awhile now. I was recently doing a quick screen recording of my browser window and the browser window wasn't full-screen so there were black bars around the edges of the recording. I didn't love that but it's time to touch the "ffmpeg exists and is awesome" sign again.

This superuser post has the answer which consists of two steps:

  1. Get the crop parameters of the video from ffmpeg. ffmpeg will detect the black borders and report back the actual content coordinates. ffmpeg.exe -i '.\some-video.mkv' -vf cropdetect -f null -
  2. Re-encode and crop using the crop parameters to trim the borders. ffmpeg.exe -i '.\some-video.mkv' -vf crop=624:704:332:10 -c:a copy output.mp4
  3. Enjoy your pristine video.

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