Introducing oscar

I've been working on a small command-line utility written in Rust called oscar. oscar polls the API for new episodes of any PBS show. If it finds an episode it hasn't seen before it downloads the episode to the specified directory.

I run oscar via the cron scheduler on my home server and over the past few months it's been largely invisible and maintenance-free. Whenever new episodes show up, oscar downloads them and my 3 year-old can stream it on any of the devices in the house via Plex or Infuse.

To get started I recommend pulling down the latest release from Github (if it's not broken) or building locally via cargo build --release. To view the available shows run oscar list. Once you have found a show tell oscar to find episodes by invoking it with the --show-slug option and the destination directory option like: oscar --show-slug SHOW_SLUG --output /path/to/video/folder.

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