I've added Drew DeVault's openring project to the blog. openring is a nice utility (written in Golang) that parses RSS feeds and generates an HTML template file to include on your website. I love things that utilize RSS feeds and things that make indie sites better and openring does both! Thanks to Drew for the tool.

It was pretty easy to integrate into my build system. I added a new Makefile task that looks like this:

    ./bin/openring \
    -s \
    -s \
    -s \
    -s \
    -s \
    < openring.html \
    > ./templates/partials/openring.mustache

I then added this new task as a dependency on my build/generate step and I was done.

You can view my template file here.

I also added the openring binary directly to the repo. It's not pretty but it beats compiling the binary every time my site deploys (Note: I do pull down a new cycle binary every time the site deploys but I can control that flow whereas I can't control where openring builds.)

For now I'm only displaying my openring on the home page of the blog but if folks think it would be useful on other pages (like this post page) shoot me a message in my public inbox (link below).

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