Moving Tweetbot Beta to a new Mac

Tweetbot for Mac entered Beta a few weeks ago, and also cut off new users from trying out the Beta to comply with new API changes from Twitter.

I love Tweetbot, and the Mac client is no exception. However I ran into a snag when I tried to set up the Tweetbot Beta on my new MacBook Air. The app kept redirecting me to the Tweetbot Beta blog post. Now to be fair, I think if I had used the Migration Assistant built into OS X I wouldn't have run into this issue. However I had already decided to "start fresh" on this new machine and only bring things over from my old MacBook Pro when needed. After spending a couple minutes Googling around for a solution, I gave up and reverted to my trusty, stand-by Twitterific.

After a couple days of this I got the bug again to see if I could get Tweetbot Beta up and running on my new machine. New comments on the Tweetbot Beta blog post revealed the solution. Check out these two answers, Tweetbot Beta is now happily running on my new MacBook Air. To move Tweetbot Beta to a new machine copy the Tweetbot Keychain item, Application Support folder, and Container folder to your new Mac and you should be good to go.

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