Just Start Over

I love when designers write about their experience and process in designing a product.

Recently, Sebastiaan De With wrote a post about his experience designing the doubleTwist Alarm Clock, an Android Clock app made by doubleTwist. I found myself nodding my head at this paragraph in his write up:

During the process, I threw away a ton of designs and simply started over. I also touched on this being an important part of the design process in the interview I gave on design.org: when you feel like what you’re working on really needs a little bit extra, you have to realize that — even though you spent so much time on them — your designs are just pixels, and you can probably simply do better. Throw it out. Kill your baby. Start over. It’s made this app what it is today.

Starting over is a skill, and it's something I need to get better at.

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