iPhone checker with Capybara and Twilio

I got my gigantic iPhone 6+ last weekend, and not via the online Apple Store where my order had been sitting for a couple weeks and wasn't going to ship until Nov. 5th. Instead I got a friendly text message the minute the phone was available at my local Apple Store. With a few great tools it was incredibly easy to set this system up.

TL;DR: I set up a small Heroku app that uses Capybara to check Apple's website for availability and sends a text to my phone using the Twilio service.

The entire process was pretty simple once I figured out a few Heroku oddities. The app hinges on the fact that Apple provides a "Check Availability" link during the ordering process. This link pops open a modal that take your zip code and checks nearby Apple stores for your product.

All I had to tell Capybara to do was visit the URL, click the check availability button, and enter my zip code. After that I loop through the store list and check the status message. If the phone is available I send myself a text with the store name, phone model, and link.

The toughest part of this project was figuring out how to tell Heroku where the Phantomjs executable was located. Capybara uses Phantomjs behind the scenes and without it the whole thing wouldn't work. I initially tried to use the Phantomjs build pack but a weird thing with Heroku is that declaring a build pack seemingly removes the path for the Ruby executable. I then discovered the awesome multi build pack tool. Once I created my .buildpack document I just had to tell Heroku to load the Phantomjs build pack and the Ruby build pack like this:

https://github.com/stomita/heroku-buildpack-phantomjs.git  https://github.com/heroku/heroku-buildpack-ruby

The last piece of the app uses clockwork to kick off the scrape every 10 minutes. Clockwork is incredibly easy to setup and use. Specify the command in the Procfile and Heroku will understand exactly what to do.

The code for the project can be found over at Github. Reach out on Twitter or file an issue if you have any questions.

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