I moved to Hover

In case you didn't hear, Anonymous broke GoDaddy today. I figured now would be as good a time as any to explain why I moved away from GoDaddy a few weeks ago.

I chose Hover to be my GoDaddy replacement. I've never hosted anything through GoDaddy (I'm not a crazy person), but I did manage all my domain names through them. Hover and GoDaddy could not be more different, GoDaddy's interface is comedically awful, Hover's interface is relatively simple and light - two words you never, ever hear about GoDaddy's administrative panels. I figure that 90% of using a DNS service is spent in front of their admin interface, it counts to have a good one.

I would highly recommend switching from GoDaddy to Hover, or Namecheap, or DNS Simple, the point is to switch away from GoDaddy not really where you switch to. So take the leap, and stop feeling sad inside when you hear another joke about GoDaddy.

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