Hello micro.blog

👋 micro.blog

I've started posting my normal blog feed and a new micro feed to https://micro.blog/simpson. My motivation for integrating with micro.blog is that it feels like the right approach for the "open web".

It did take me awhile to understand the core concepts of micro.blog. The description on the iOS App Store is illuminating:

Instead of trying to be a full social network, Micro.blog is a thin layer that glues the open web together, making it more useful. Micro.blog adds discovery and conversations on top of previously unconnected blog posts.

Brent Simmons (of inessential.com) had a good post today summarizing what makes micro.blog different from app.net or other social networks:

And so everyone who follows me on Micro.blog sees my blog posts, and I see theirs. Simple.

And anyone who wants to could just read my blog in an RSS reader instead. All good, all open.

Micro.blog is simply a layer on top of existing RSS/JSON feeds; its simplicity echoes the simplicity of podcasting.

So hop on board! Follow me over at micro.blog/simpson or subscribe directly to my new micro feed.

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