Gists, Snippets, and Sublime Text 2

I've been using Sublime Text 2 for a little under a year I guess, but I've only recently started customizing the hell out of it largely thanks to the Fetch plugin. Today I had the thought of setting up Fetch to download and insert the raw code of a Github Gist.

Gists are great for a couple reasons. One is that they are version controlled, it's easy to track any changes right from the gist. Another great thing is that Gists are independent of Sublime, and more importantly my local computer, this makes them easier to share and backup. The only drawback from normal snippets I can see is that I can't set up tab triggers, and hot keys.

So today I created three Worpress specific gists, and set up Fetch in Sublime Text 2 to pull them down. These are pretty basic snippets, but they are ones that I use a lot and don't want to think about.

I just started messing around with this stuff today, so I'd love any comments regarding snippets or how you set up any kind of automation in Sublime Text 2. Reply to @a_simpson with your comments.

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