Four ways to approach Hacktoberfest 2020

Hacktoberfest 2020 is here! I can't believe 2020 is winding down, good riddance!

I've been talking about Hacktoberfest with my co-worker Bryan and I thought of four different approaches to Hacktoberfest this year that I wanted to share.

Dependency scrub

This is probably common everywhere but the Javascript/web communities are filled with npm packages. It's packages all the way down. I think it would be interesting to approach this month looking for ways to remove third-party code from projects you love and use frequently.

Polygot Achievement

Try to submit four pull requests in four different languages. As Drew DeVault writes: Hack everything without fear!

Unknown lands

Similar to the previous one it could be fun to submit PRs against a project you've never been in before that's in a language you don't know. This could be anything from diving into Wordpress core, to working on some C for some Linux utilities, or even submitting PRs to open source Mac/iOS applications.

Bug doctor

Go into a project and find the oldest issues and try to resolve them via PR. This is inspired by Richard Schneeman's video and post where he runs through 11 issues and 2 PRs in a hour and a half.

How are you approaching Hacktoberfest this year? My public inbox is open, let me know!

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