Emacs lite

I really dig Emacs. I think it's a one-of-kind computing experience. However, it's defaults are pretty rough and some of my favorites aspects of Emacs are third party packages.

I wondered if I could cram the "awesome Emacs" experience into 200 lines of configuration or less. Turns out I could. I only included what I consider (as someone who writes JS most days) "essential". I didn't re-bind any keys except for M-x and that has the same function with an upgraded interface. I didn't include evil-mode (Vim emulation) either, introducing Emacs and Vim keybinds to someone is a suicide mission.

To use this config copy and paste the config snippet into one of three config file locations (sooooo Emacs):

Emacs looks for your init file using the filenames \~/.emacs, \~/.emacs.el, or \~/.emacs.d/init.el

Then boot up Emacs (I'm assuming you already have it installed), there will be a bit of waiting the first time as packages are installed for you.

If you run into issues, hit me up via email, github issue, twitter, micro.blog etc. There's also a reddit thread with some helpful discussion from the awesome /r/emacs community.

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