I recently purchased the ATR2100 mic to use for work calls and maybe some podcasting in the future. I stumbled upon the ATR2100 via Marco Arment who has a great roundup of good podcasting mics that I highly recommend if you want to explore mics. I ended up picking up an Amazon bundle that included a Knox boom arm, Knox pop filter, and the ATR2100 for around $90. I don't see it on the site anymore but you could cobble together the same bundle pretty easily.


These were my requirements for upgrading from the built-in mic on my laptop/webcam:

Sound good with little effort

Obvious but important. I didn't want to have to fiddle with things to achieve better sound. I also didn't want to invest in a DAC or other ancillary equipment.

Reduce background noise

My office at home is in the basement right below my 3 year-old daughter's room. Kids make noises from time to time and I wanted a mic that would not pick those up.

Be under $100

I didn't have the budget to go get a premium mic.


I've used the mic for some gaming and Zoom calls and in both cases I've gotten several comments that my voice sounds "radio quality" and "really clear". I have zero complaints with the mic and I can't recommend it enough. I will note that this type of mic requires you to be about 2-6 inches away for optimal volume and quality. This is the cost of not picking up those background noises I mentioned above in my requirements. Windows 10, Linux (Pop_OS), and macOS all recognized the mic without any drivers or needing any configuration. If you're looking to upgrade your audio on a budget look no further than the ATR2100.

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