A public inbox

I've tried a few blog commenting systems in my day but have never really been happy with any of them. Part of the problem with comment systems is that a discussion forum is not a blog.

Recently I've noticed a few other folks (Drew, Ethan, Tom, and Jonnie) around the internet turning to email as the solution to have conversations about the things on their respective websites. I liked how Drew's solution not only leveraged email but mailing lists! The benefits are pretty obvious to me:

  • Folks are comfortable composing messages in their email client of choice
  • A mailing list is public
  • A mailing list is searchable
  • A mailing list facilities conversation.

So I'm gonna give it a spin. Here is my public inbox.

Of course I'll always accept direct email at adam@adamsimpson.net.

Have a comment? Send an email to my public inbox. Please follow proper mail etiquette.