• What is Medium?

    I’m curious to see how Medium continues to evolve.

  • Small things

    Recently I’ve come to love MicroJS. I love that I can find tiny, specific libraries that do one thing, and do it well

  • Automating SOCKS proxy

    I’ve used a SOCKS proxy while on public WiFi ever since reading Paul Stamatiou’s article years ago. I only recently took the time to automate the process.

  • The Stream hasn’t won

    Hossein Derakhshan outlines how the web as he knew it has disappeared and been replaced by “The Stream”, or social media. His post is beautifully written and I highly recommend reading it.

  • Microblogging

    My microblogging setup with Twilio, Twitter, SMS, and WordPress.

  • Learning to think in React

    I outline how I built my blog using React and the WordPress API. This post covers isomorphic app structure and data flow in React with React-Router.

  • Moving away from Google

    I recently started using DuckDuckGo and Fastmail. So I thought I’d share a few thoughts on both services.

  • Benedict Evans is on fire

    Benedict Evan’s last three pieces are right on the money regarding mobile, and the web versus native apps.

  • Web performance and Facebook’s Instant Articles

    Crafting a high-performing web experience for mobile is not easy, but it’s not so impossibly hard that Facebook’s Instant Articles is the only solution.

  • Google Fi and data only plans

    Why doesn’t Google just offer data? There already is already a fantastic data-only plan in America, and it’s on T-Mobile.