• Migrate an existing build process to npm scripts

    Not all projects need Grunt or Gulp, npm is a great build tool by itself. I recently replaced a Grunt task (with multiple plugins) with a npm script task.

  • CasperJs, Node, and the Raspberry Pi

    I’ve been working on getting my Raspberry Pi to be a dedicated screen-scraping machine with CasperJS and Node.

    This post is intended to be a log for myself and hopefully a helpful resource for others.

  • AMP HTML, Terrible HTML

    Is the answer developing a subset of HTML/JS/CSS?

  • Farewell Heroku

    I’ve migrated my apps off Heroku and won’t be using the service for personal apps going forward.

  • Parsing memory usage in htop/top

    I’ve been trying to figure out how much memory a node app is using on my VPS, and I’ve found output from top or htop to be overwhelming.

  • Three years

    The adventure is just getting started.

  • What is Medium?

    I’m curious to see how Medium continues to evolve.

  • Small things

    Recently I’ve come to love MicroJS. I love that I can find tiny, specific libraries that do one thing, and do it well

  • Automating SOCKS proxy

    I’ve used a SOCKS proxy while on public WiFi ever since reading Paul Stamatiou’s article years ago. I only recently took the time to automate the process.

  • The Stream hasn’t won

    Hossein Derakhshan outlines how the web as he knew it has disappeared and been replaced by “The Stream”, or social media. His post is beautifully written and I highly recommend reading it.