• iPhone checker with Capybara and Twilio

    I set up a small Heroku app that uses Capybara to check Apple’s website for availability and sends a text to my phone via Twilio.

  • Tmux Harvest Plugin

    A tmux status bar plugin that display the current Harvest timer.

  • Vim Ramblings

    So, in the past 6 months I’ve switched from Sublime Text to Vim. Here are some good articles and tips on Vim.

  • S3 Security Policy

    A basic AWS S3 bucket policy that restricts access to a single bucket, and allows access via the AWS cli.

  • Keeping up

    Keeping up with the web industry is tough, but this approach nicely limits my twitter check-ins to once or twice a day during the week

  • Broadcast channel

    Along with the move to Siteleaf I’ve also set up an App.net Broadcast channel.

  • Moved to Siteleaf

    I moved to Siteleaf from Jekyll

  • Git Commit Template

    Set up a Git commit message template

  • ADN Cross-poster

    How to set up your own App.net to Twitter cross-posting app.


    Ways I use IFTTT. App.net to Twitter, App.net from Day One, and Camera Roll to FLickr.