Tmux Harvest Plugin

Sometimes I find myself working on two or three projects during the course of a day, and I've mistakenly recorded time to the wrong project in Harvest. Never again! I put togther a tmux plugin that shows the project name and the current timer in my tmux status bar.

Screenshot of Tmux Harvest Plugin

It's easy enough to get this working. Place the tmux-harvest.php script somewhere on your system and then invoke it within your .tmux.conf config like so. You'll need to make this file executable: chmod +x tmux-harvest.php.

To authenticate with Harvest create a file in your home directory called .tmux-harvest.php and fill in the necessary Harvest account information:

  $email = "email@gmail";
  $password = "passW0RD!";
  $company = "company";

By default tmux scripts run every 15 seconds, so you shouldn't run into any throttling issues with the Harvest API. Let me know via Github issues or on Twitter if you run into any issues or have suggestions!